Only Neurocritical Care Unit (NCCU) in Western Massachusetts Opens at Baystate


The Division of Neurosciences & Rehabilitation Services is pleased to announce the opening of the Neurocritical Care Unit (NCCU) at Baystate Medical Center. Pictured above is Neurologist Melissa Mercado in the new unit where she’ll see patients.

The NCCU will began taking patients on October 1st, 2018 and will make use of four beds (5213-5216) in the SICU, converting them to a neurosciences focus. The NCCU will provide comprehensive monitoring and treatment for patients who are at the highest risk of neurologic decompensation with a specific focus on subarachnoid hemorrhage, large or unstable strokes, intracranial hemhorrages, and status epilepticus, as well as neurosurgical pre-and post-operative support.


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