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The fall is a perfect time to start searching for a new provider role in the healthcare field. New searches open up, and new opportunities abound for your career. As the air gets crisp, it is time to clean up your fall suits and prepare for your next adventure.   

We recently sat down with the recruiters at Baystate to talk through exactly what the recruitment forecast looks like. After reading this blog, you will have learned many tips on finding a job at Baystate Health. Read on for the inside scoop!

1. What new types of searches to you anticipate opening during the Fall?  

Every fall we anticipate an increase in approved positions, and we are ready for anything! New budgets are out, departments are growing and we are busy seeking the best candidates for our patients. 

On the Advanced Practice Clinician (APC) front, we continue to have openings for highly trained APC’s in our surgical specialties such as Neurosurgery and Cardiac Surgery.  We also have multiple openings in specialty areas such as Psychiatry, Pediatric Specialties, Community ED, and our internal Employee Health Department. As our Primary Care footprint continues to grow we are looking for experienced Primary Cared APC’s as well as the ability to accept new grads into our Baystate Primary Care Training Pod.

In regards to Physicians, the sky is the limit.  We have multiple Primary Care locations that are seeking physicians to work in a variety of settings in our community practices and academic health centers. Baystate is a major tertiary care center serving Western Massachusetts, so we have openings in multiple specialties including Heart and Vascular, Neurosciences including Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Medicine Specialties, Hospital Medicine, OG/GYN, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, and Oncology.

2. Do you have any ongoing searches that continue year round due to constant growth?  

There is constant growth in the areas of primary care, heart and vascular, hospital medicine, Neurosciences, Psychiatry and emergency medicine.

3. What can a candidate do to stand out from the pack? 

A well-written cover letter always gets our attention. Strong cover letters are concise and thoughtful and explain why you are interested in Baystate and western Massachusetts as well as what your areas of special interest are. This can really make you stand out. 

Along with a great cover letter, it is important that your CV is in chronological order and also clear. Make sure your credentials are listed with your name, and if you are a Nurse Practitioner, be clear about the type of certification you have (FNP, AGACNP, etc). ACP online has great recommendations and tips for CV writing. Be sure to include any accolades as well as research or presentations. 

In an academic medical center, it is important for us to look for candidates who are continually developing themselves and focused on offering only the highest quality of care in a patient-centered and team-based manner.

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One recruiter stated she is “most impressed with candidates who can articulate both what they are looking for and what they need to feel successful in a position. It’s important to balance what you can offer to our organization with what your professional needs are.” Another recruiter stated, “I look for someone who is personable and clear about their interests and what their deciding factors are in their search. Be clear about your clinical interests, geographical interests, teaching interests, or anything that is important to you in your search and how Baystate fits your search criteria.”

4. What is one quality you look for in all Baystate employees?

Our focus is on physicians and APCs who are committed to quality, safety, patient experience, value, and academic innovation. Commitment to working as a team is a foundational competency we look for in all candidates. Hiring a provider who will work well with in an inclusive team to deliver the best care possible to our patients and their families is our goal every day. It’s not just about the skills you have; it’s also important to bring a positive outlook and provide care in a way that patients feel listened to, educated, and respected. We call this connection to purpose. 

5. What is one new thing coming down the pipeline in the Baystate system that a candidate might not know about yet?

Baystate Health values our providers. We offer a competitive compensation and benefits package. Our Chief Physician Executive, Dr. Andrew Artenstein, is working diligently on Provider Wellness. He has created a committee of physicians and APCs who are collaborating on wellness and burnout issues. 

We have one of the top Heart and Vascular departments in the country, we recently opened a new Neuro ICU, we are a magnet organization, we are on the forefront in population health, and we have amazing and collaborative providers!

6. What advice would you give to a person who wants to work at Baystate specifically? 

Research our website, and in particular Baystate’s mission and guiding principles to make sure they are in line with your professional goals. Ask lots questions! Baystate Health is a wonderful organization with lots of opportunity for professional growth. At Baystate, we are mission-driven and laser-focused on providing excellent patient care. If you are a team player who can contribute to our mission, welcome aboard!

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The Baystate Physician and Advanced Practitioner team members are waiting for your application. Are you ready?

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