My Baystate Story: Stanley Strzempko, MD, FACEP, Baystate Noble Emergency Department

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“I am Stan Strzempko, and I've been an ER doctor at Baystate Noble Hospital for a long time. As an ER doc, I have the privilege of being a frontline caregiver for my community. I spend my days, and nights, caring for patients in the Emergency Room. The sickest patients are stabilized and transferred to Baystate Medical Center. We are fortunate to be part of a health system that includes a world class tertiary medical center where we can send our sickest patients. The more stable patients needing inpatient care are admitted here at Baystate Noble, where they receive wonderful care right here in their home community. The rest of my ER patients are treated and discharged.

I got sick with COVID-19 early in the pandemic, which gave me a renewed appreciation for good health, and for my role as a frontline caregiver. It also allowed me to better empathize with the hundreds of COVID-19 patients I subsequently treated.

Because I live in the community in which I work, I have personal connections with many of the patients I treat every week, and I find this very fulfilling. It’s not without its challenges though, as working in an Emergency Room means frequently confronting tragedy, and this is obviously a daily challenge for the entire staff.

Among the most rewarding things about working at Baystate Noble and in healthcare are the relationships and friendships that are created. From the leadership team right through the medical staff, nursing staff, OAs, PCTs, admitting clerks, security and housekeeping staff, etc., healthcare attracts really good people that I am privileged to know and work with.  

I think people would be surprised by the number of really challenging clinical conditions that present to our Emergency Room. They make a lot of TV shows about ERs for a reason!

I value hard work and I am blessed to have a job that rewards hard work. I have a great job and am smart enough to know it!”


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