7 Things Every Doctor Needs to Do This Spring

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Ah, spring. 

The snow melts, the tulips bloom, song birds fill the air, and the sun warms the breeze. There's more daylight, fresh flowers, and flu season finally subsides. 

In other words, it's the perfect time of year for physicians to take a deep breath, relax, and find some fun. 

Here's a look at seven things every doctor needs to do this spring--for themselves as well as for their patients. 

1) Eat your vegetables

eat vegetablesOK, this is something that everyone should be doing throughout the year. But in the spring, you have access to wonderfully fresh and fulfilling produce that is locally grown. 

Each spring, farmer's markets pop up like seedlings across Massachusetts. They offer locally grown fruits and vegetables, which always seem to taste better. 

In Springfield, check out the City Soul Farmer's Market, which kicks off June 17 and runs through October. 

2) Get plenty of vitamin D

sitting outside

You know that vitamin D is amazing (after all, you're a doctor). 

So, after a long winter of being cooped up inside, why not take advantage of the longer days to soak up some sunshine and the accompanying vitamin D?

It will boost bone strength, toughen your teeth, and jump-start your cardiovascular health. 

3) Get a new pair of workout shoes

lacing up sneakers

If you're like a lot of physicians, you've spent the winter working out indoors. You've hit the treadmills and ellipticals and done your best to stay on a regular workout schedule, regardless of how uninspiring indoor exercise can be. 

Now it's time to pound the pavement with a new pair of workout shoes. 

Run, jog, walk, or bike. Just get outside and take advantage of the natural incline that Mother Earth offers. 

If you're in Springfield, you're in luck. The city is home to several outstanding running, walking, and hiking routes.

4) Eat al fresco

eating outside

There's just something about outdoor dining that makes the food taste better--especially in the spring.

Whether you are in the mood for a burger, pizza, or something a little more sophisticated, you are sure to find a patio where the sun and stars will shine and the food will be fabulous. 

Fortunately, Springfield is home to some of the best outdoor dining in Western Massachusetts. So make the most of it, and dine al fresco. 

5) Do some spring cleaning

spring cleaning

If you're like most doctors, you've had a rough winter. Falls and the flu are only two of the reasons the winter months are so trying. Cold, dark days are another reason you might be feeling some serious stress.  

The good news is that doing a little spring cleaning can actually help reduce stress. 

So go ahead and take some time to de-clutter, delete emails, and get a fresh start. 

According to a study conducted by America's Anxiety Disorder Center, people who make a point to clean up from time to time are better prepared to deal with essential decision-making.

6) Get creative


There may be no better season than spring to get your creative juices flowing. According to a University of Michigan study, spending time outside in sunny, spring weather can make you more creative. 

So if you have projects, programs, or novels you want to get going, now's the time.

7) Network and explore new opportunities

doctors networking

According to Career Sidekick, spring is one of the best times of the year to make a career move. Everyone, it seems, is interested in new beginnings. 

So if you are a physician who is considering making a move, consider moving to Springfield. You're sure to find plenty of opportunities to enjoy spring and deliver a higher state of care. Click below to learn more about our current physician opportunities!

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